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My family’s identity is recorded in my work. It also provokes an urge to constantly look into our own family’s roots time and again. With questions needing answers to how far back can I trace the people that I came from? Who were they? What did they do? How did they suffer? What did they conquer? What were they known for? These and other questions I sort to contemplate. We know so much about the world and its perceived origins, our countries history etc. We know the history of colonialism, evolution, the world war’s that have been fought won and lost; apartheid, the slavery movement, but how much do we know about our own histories? I felt like I needed to know more about myself as opposed to only knowing what’s out there.

Meeting up with different people and hearing about their histories makes me nostalgic especially stories of family. But not only does my work carry out my family’s narrative, when closely examining other works many historical stories are told.

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