About Us

Touch of Genius Gallery is an Afrocentric art gallery founded in 2004. The purpose of the gallery is to provide a platform for upcoming visual artists. The business formally opened a physical space in 2007 February in Randburg. Over the years, it has evolved  into a multi-platform business with services that includes Custom Picture Framing, Exhibition Space, Picture Hanging and Easel Hire to name a few. We have come up with programmes and events that we successfully hosted at the gallery and continue to.


The format of the business is evolving in line with changing needs of our client base, however the business’s purpose of curating, showcasing and encouraging Afrocentric creativity. We do this through dynamic exhibitions and progressive collaborations. Our selection of artists and collaborative partners is guided by among other criteria Afro-artistic excellence and Afro-cultural relevance.

Our work has therefore moved away from just selling art pieces to engaging audiences with diverse lifestyle events, imaginative exhibitions and artists support programmes. Touch of Genius Gallery is advancing a new approach of bringing diverse creative concepts to the audiences. We are ensuring that our diverse customer base are at the center of what we do. We look forward to many years of excellence in celebrating Afrocentric Artistry and Creativity. We are moving towards co-creation of products where we collaborate with clients, artists, and other makers so we can give birth to unique artistic products and experiences. We believe in the absolute freedom of ideas. They give rise to innovative products and spark other creative journeys. This approach fosters greater and unique experiences for all involved.


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