Picture Hanging

Picture Hanging Services:

Picture hanging is not about making a hole in the wall, but rather a calculated process that commands the highest level of precision.

We understand that some of our clients are busy and as such, we negotiate suitable times for the hanging job. This is aimed at ensuring that we do not disrupt the work-flow processes. Similarly, we ensure that our clients who are home owners provide us with suitable times to come for the installation process.

Below are the stages:

  • Site inspections (Visit to the client to determine the nature of the project)   

  • Evaluations and quotations (provide best fair quotations based on the nature of the work) 

  • Execution of the work and clean-up (hanging process)

  • Follow-up inspections (frequent visits and follow-ups to ensure that our clients are happy)

Staff members are trained to be very professional in the way they deal with clients- thinking out of the box, innovation and a high level of cleanliness is our strategy towards ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients.

Below are some recent projects:


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