About the Mentorship 

  • The Young Artistic Future Mentorship Program is designed to support the individual artistic methods and professional ambitions of emerging artists by providing them access to the skills and experience of selected mentors.

  • The Mentorship Program provides an exceptional opportunity for emerging artists to develop both their creative process and professional skills, thus building a foundation for a successful career in the visual arts.

  • As a secondary outcome, the program offers established artists an opportunity to pass on their experience, resources, knowledge, and insight.

  • Post mentorship, the mentees have an opportunity to be represented by the gallery thus build their brand and artistic profile going forward. Our aim is to build an movement of talented,informed, motivated and inspired visual artists.

Why the Mentorship

  • Over the years we realized there is a gap in the market as we were approached by talented artists that required guidance so they can develop into fully fledged artists.

  • By investing intensely in a few individuals each year, Togg Mentorship Program contributes to a wider scale to the overall strength, sustainability and vibrancy of the visual arts in South Africa.

  • We believe in freedom of ideas and artistic creativity that tilts towards Afrocentric thinking, we thus hope to infuse this theme into the training while not inhibiting individual artistic excellence.

How it Works

  • The Mentorship is designed in the format of Mentor (Tutor) guiding a group of Mentees(artists).

  • Artists are encouraged to express themselves and develop their own artistic identity.

  • Guest speakers from different fields are invited to give talks covering motivation, finance, personal development, contracts etc

  • The mentors/ Guest Speakers are asked to provide support in any one or more of the following areas: proposal development for exhibition in galleries or artist-run centres, grant writing assistance, artist statement development, documentation of work, technical advice, skills development, critiques of work, research assistance, and thematic development of work, networking, budgeting, creative enterpreneural thinking, organizational tips, and creative brainstorming.

Re-launch of the gallery as well as the 2016 edition of the mentorship Programme 

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