Thabo Lloyd Mabena


Thabo Lloyd Mabena otherwise known as ‘Lloydous’ in the creative field of art is based in Johannesburg. Lloyd discovered a love for drawing animals on paper at an early age which progressed to human faces and figures, doing portraits for friends and other clients upon the request of his unique style of work on large scale.

His works covered wedding portraits from photographs to artistic paper drawings and other occasions captured for his clients. His medium of choice became pencil as it made it easy to detail his work more accurately, finding and also developing his skills through artistic reads and practices in his home studio. Art became his newly found voice to reach an audience with a visual message, that would engage its viewer with more meaning than just a portrait drawing .He is now working on a solo project which he wants to showcase in the near future.

Thabo’s  works mostly commuicate the dynamic nature of our environment. He always tries to explain how our environment shapes us in a visually appealing manner.  Thabo is inspired by an inner hunger to voice out through a visual language that people as a society can reconstruct and pronounce their image by collectively working together to restore morals and values that once held us in good light of solid respectable character.

Below are details of some of his recent works which are on display at Touch of Genius Gallery.

Drawing 1 – Title: Eye Seen In Beauty (Size: 105cm × 82cm)

My first art piece is a pencil drawing of a woman whose beauty is shaped by the society represented by the many hands. These hands are our friends, colleagues, societies, groups and an entire network of people who we are all connected to whether consciously or unconsciously within our little spaces and areas of influnec in our societies. I guess that what am trying to say is that your society mould you and vice versa.

Drawing 2 – Title: Reconstruct your scribble (Size: 103cm × 79cm)

My second drawing is identified by a man placing his hands on the sides of his face and closing his eyes.

This drawing represents a broken man. I used pen and pencil to produce this artwork and the scribbled outlines on his face and hands depicts the low self esteem and moral fibre of a man who has gone through a lot of difficult challenges mainly as a result of his past lifestyle and misconduct in his society. In the image, he closes his eyes and reflects on how he could reconstruct himself to enable him become a role model once again.

Drawing 3 –  Title: What veils is no more (Size: 94cm × 78cm)

The pen and pencil drawing of a human face with an open veil is also scribbled but this time each person must unveil their own scribbles and mistakes without closing their eyes to them, but rather should find a way to fix them, refine and polish their lifestyles.


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