Pedro Mangamela

Artist Biography

Pedro Mangamela is based in Soweto, Johannesburg. His style of painting includes oil on board, oil on canvass, pencil sketching and unique animal skin impressions.   
Pedro is a versatile artst. He has shown great artistic skills in the use of colours, animal skin, charcoal, pencil , acrylic and crayon to produce outstanding works which are admired by many art lovers and buyers especially at Touch of Genius Gallery.
 Pedro wants to develop his niche area in visual arts. As such, he not only paints, but also does a bit of picture framing. Accoring to Pedro, “without a clear vision for the future, no one can achieve anything tangible”.
Currently, pedro teaches young people how to paint in Soweto. He is continously seeking opportunities where he can creatively use his skills and talents to make a real and sustainable difference. For some of pedros works, please visit our gallery.

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