Motheo Moiloa


Being born in 1988 towards the end of appartheid has brought many challenges in discovering myself as being a visual artist as not much was known about art within black communities at the time. From a young age I was always enthusiastic about anything which had to do with creativity and thats where my passion for art was born. I first learnt how to draw by repeatatively tracing ‘Lion King’ puzzles my mother bought me and drawing from memory.

Having completed a national diploma in visual arts in the year 2015 at the University of Johannesburg, I continue to pursue art as a practicing artist and working part time within the arts. My work explores different themes from my understanding of faith and how it can be a tool to tackling socioeconomic issues, some of it touches on urban culture-how i feel urbanization has taken away a lot from my culture and my desire to re-learn aspects of it yet not denying urban culture, almost embracing
both heritages. The medium I work in is usually painting and drawing but I do tend to use mixed mediums in other artworks. my hopes and aspirstions in art is to be a full time practicing artist with artworks that are recieved both nationally and internationally, to inspire and activate people in pursuing their dreams particularly in the fields of creativity and in disadvantaged communities.





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