Elias Sewape


Elias Sewape was born 1930 in Madjaji Village, Duiwelskloof in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa.  Due to the oppressive nature of the reigning political party, very little formal training in the arts was available to non-white ethnic groups.  What little there was Elias soaked up during his early school years.  With the gradual deregulation of the arts and culture during the turbulent 80’s, Elias’s works were slowly filtering into the mainstream galleries nationally.
Suddenly apartheid was over and Elias Sewape became a household name in the art community.  He paints in water colour, oil, and pastel.  His subject matter is the rural and township life that he is familiar with.  Elias has not let fame detract him from his matter of fact manner and he continues to reside in his home in Dube, Soweto hoping one day to return to Modjaji.  He continues to help outreach programs to train young artists in the townships.  His works are throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.  His vibrant colours and traditional style are his signature.


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