Art Consignments

Touch of Genius Gallery specilizes in art consignments. We consider art signatures from established African artists.

Our processes include a thorough evaluation of the artwork(s) and potential for attracting good sale(s). We will then propose  practical market related price(s) after we have done the necessary research on the art piece(s), the artist(s) and potential buyer(s) and market(s).

Following the successful reviews and agreement to the price(s) and terms, we will consign the work(s) to the gallery for display for an initial period of 3 months for a small fee. This is to allow the gallery to market the artwork(s) on our various marketing platforms such as the website, display on our gallery space, publications and across our various art collector platforms.

As part of our terms and agreement, the consignor warrants that the work is authentic, he/she is the legal owner of the artwork free of all encumbrances, and agrees to consign the artwork exclusively to the gallery for the term of the contract.

For more information including the standard terms and conditons, please contact us at gallery (at ) or 011 056 9087  

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