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Rastafarian I


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The drawing below (medium: pencil pastels on grey paper) is of an old lady called  Claudette Adjodha… she exudes peace… the kind of peace where you have come to accept your past and are comfortable with your present and have no worry for the future. She knows where her beauty is, serenest example of a wise women at one with herself and life as it unfolds. Happiness, deep down within. Serenity, with each sunrise. Success, in each facet of her life. In Ancient times, older women were the keepers of primal mysteries and were revered for their special wisdom. It’s time to give our elders back the credits and respect they deserve. She is well known as a symbol of peace. It goes to show that people with peace, like  Rastafarians, are loving, embracers of unity. With his artworks, Silas calls for peace in the name of JAH King Haile Selassie, former emperor of Ethiopia, 🙏with ☝️peace, ☝️love, ☝️nation , ☝️world!

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