Alinah Mammy Khumalo


Mammy as popularly known likes to work with colours. She often experiments with different colour schemes, creating a uniquely authentic blend of art impressions that speaks of her ingenuity. Most of her works display her creativity and almost perfect ability to use of colours.
Mammy’s interest in colours was inspired by the vibrancy and uniqueness of life, as such she continues to explore and question the use of different colours and schemes to disrupt the norm.
As a young female artist, Mammy believes that her ability to create art is an inherently human trait that allows her to communicate with others, express personal thoughts and feelings, While looking closer to social issues WITHIN our different cultures. For Mammy, art is a great enabler, guaranteed to connect likeminded people. she believes there is no greater feeling of freedom than getting lost in the moment while creating art.
Mummy has participated in several group exhibitions like the Absa A’Later competition, arts on the big top and other art eventS around the Vaal area. She also worked as a children book illustrator for some publishing companies.

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